1. having or showing an interest in learning things; curious.
    “his poems reveal an intensely inquisitive mind”
    • synonyms: curious, intrigued, interested, burning with curiosity


      Inquisitive.  I’ve been thinking on that word a lot lately.  I think it pretty much sums up how I go through my life nowadays.  I’m inquisitive.  I spend a lot of time asking questions and listening.  I dig deeper and look for answers.  I am on a constant quest for seeing the connections.  Because, really, EVERYTHING is connected somehow.  Culture and history and people and relationships and emotions and actions… it’s all connected!  So, I’m on a constant adventure to find the connections.  Inquisitive.  It means that I’m always in question-mode.  My brain never stops questioning and looking for the underlying connection.

      As a cross-cultural worker, being inquisitive means that I spend a lot of time talking to people.  I spend a lot of time learning how a country’s history shapes it’s culture and it’s people.  I listen ‘between the lines’ for the reasons and the whys and the why nots.  And when I see a connection, I build a bridge. Sometimes it is a bridge in my brain – a connection of pieces of knowledge that build the puzzle of understanding.  Sometimes it is a relational bridge between people – an educational bridge that helps people see why others act like they do, or think like they think, or feel like they feel.  And sometimes I am a physical bridge, standing in the gap when people and culture and relationships can’t make the connection yet – I hold hands and wipe tears and hug burdened shoulders.