Send Christmas to a Missionary, the 21st Century way!

“WHAT!?!? Christmas is just around the corner? How did that sneak up on us again?!”

I always loved the part in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace training when he talks about how Christmas is on the same date every single year, yet people act like it snuck up on them and they had no time to plan out how to deal with gifts and budgets.  He always says, “how much more advance notice did you need?!”  Cracked me up, every time!

So, guess what… it’s Christmas time, again.  Did it sneak up on you?

Chances are, it’s too late to put something in the mail for that special mission worker that you love and support in another land far away.  BUT WAIT!  It’s not too late to show them how much you love them and care for them, how much they are thought of and remembered during this special time.  Forget the mail… let’s jump in to the 21st century and get all technological on this!

Ideas that don’t require you relying on snail mail:

  • Amazon gift certificate / gift card… did you know that you can buy a gift card or gift certificate and EMAIL it to your mission friend? YEP!!!  The only thing they need from the gift card is the code on the back, not the actual card!  Or buy the gift certificate online and send them the notification via email.  Missionaries love Amazon!  They can buy Kindle books and download them, or even use their gift credit to buy something and ship it directly without the hassle of customs and foreign mail offices.  And don’t forget Itunes… same thing… just send the code off the back of the card.
  • How about a video greeting? Most mobile phones have video capability now. How about making a quick video greeting from your family or church or Sunday school class or small group? Then push ‘send’!
  • Pick up the phone!!! Or Skype!  Most mission workers have a VOIP phone number or a Skype number. Give them a call and say Merry Christmas!  How about Christmas caroling via phone?!  Or calling them from the annual Christmas party and letting everyone say Hi.  At this time of year, many mission workers are feeling lonely and missing the traditions of home.  How can you include them?  Even better if you have a video feed on your computer or phone!!!
  • How about a special year-end gift to their account? Ministry funds are running low by this time of the year.  Did you know that year-end giving is the main venue for boosting ministry accounts for the rest of the year?  Many mission workers barely scrape by during the other months, and year-end gifts give them a boost and help cushion them in the lean months during the rest of the year.  If you are a regular monthly donor, could you commit to raising your commitment by $10 extra dollars next year?  This would be such a nice way to say, “We believe in you and in the work you do.  Merry Christmas.”
  • Is there a special way to include Missionary Kids (MKs) in your Christmas well-wishes this year? Again, an online Amazon gift or Itunes gift just for them.  Or a special video or phone call from their buddies back in The States, their Sunday School class, scout troop, etc?  Could you decorate cookies together, long-distance?  Or call up a little one and read a Christmas story together on Skype?  Make a craft together, long-distance?  Lots of possibilities!!!
  • How about 12 Days of Christmas specialized just for them? Send a photo or a song or a poem or a special greeting each day for 12 days.  You could post it to Facebook, or send it via email, or call them every day for 12 days.  How about 12 special scriptures just for them, or 12 prayers, or 12 Christmas recipes… use your imagination!
  • Text greetings every day until Christmas… did you know that Whatsapp is a texting app for your mobile phone that is easy and cheap (less than a dollar) and goes all over the world?! Most missionaries are using Whatsapp.  Or another one is Viber.  Check with your missionary and get on their text app!!!

It’s not too late to share some Christmas spirit with those missionary workers you love!

Merry Christmas!!!

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