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Who am I? In my USA life, I was a teacher for 15 years. I was also a professional photographer, a Southern Living / Martha Stewart wannabe, a soccer mom, and a short term mission team coordinator / intern director for missions in Mexico… you name it, I probably tried it!

In 2006, my husband Billy and I took a leap of faith and became career missionaries with The Mission Society. For five years, we served in three rural Quechua Wanca villages in the Andes of Peru. And when I say rural, I mean RURAL – like no potty! I spent my days in Peru learning to live a Quechua lifestyle in a rustic adobe house – cooking Peruvian foods, sewing with Quechua women, raising my chickens and goats and pigs, and planting my gardens.It was an adventure, for sure! One that I will treasure forever. I was still teaching, still taking photos, still leading mission teams and working with interns, I just did it all in full-time mission service!

We transitioned out of Peru in December of 2012 for a different assignment and different type of mission service. Now I live my life in Spain, serving other cross-cultural workers and displaced people, writing, and trying to figure out what life looks like for a Texas girl serving Christ in Southern Europe.  And I’m still working hard at giving Southern Living and Martha Stewart and all those Pinterest Queens a run for their money!

We have three incredible children… Ryan (30) and Miles (27) live in Texas, working and studying and beginning their lives as young adult men; and Sarah (15) lives with us in whatever country we are serving.   Life in His service is AWESOME! I’m happy to share it with you here… Enjoy!


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  1. Thank you for this deep lesson and such very specific questions that I can do and ask and listen for.
    I am now equipped to start being a better listener and support to all my mission-serving friends on the field and here at home.
    Thank you for taking the time to love us and teach us.

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